Project 8 by Isabelle Fordin 2006 Archittetture del bianco
Laboratory Museum of Contempory Art of Sapienza University, Rome, MLAC with the support of French Embassy in Italy, Cultural Service BCLA.
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White flightpath for butterflies by Vittoria Biasi [pdf format]

Video of Empty Bottles - 2006 Short film, 4m 43s
Notes on artwork: aided by a cinemagraphic camera, Isabelle Fordin discloses a small detail in the River Tiber level with Tiber Island in the center of Rome, and it fixes the image of a noticably suggestive performance in a informative sense. In this point in a small basin of water formed by cross currents at the base of a fall agitates a polychrome world made up of only plastic bottles of different colours and sizes...
2009 Awarded best film at the Rome ZTL Film Fest.'09 exhibition of cinema and video art with a metropolitan theme, Cineclub Detour with the support of Rome Municipality 1 Centre
2008 Selected for the International competition of Video Art - festarte
2006 Abstracta 2006 Selected for an International Festival of Abstract Film in Rome

Video of Passage - Suspension - 2008 Short film, 6m 0s
Notes on artwork: this installation is presented in a form of a triptych video - projection.
A cloth appears and encircles a majestic olive tree.
Together they absorb the light, and time passes there.
In a movment, everything disappears, the tree becomes alone again.
The cloth goes away...
2008 Artist- in- Residence with the French Institute of Florence created the exhibition Passage - Suspension sponsored by the bank Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze